Dag 40

Hiroshima mon Amour. Dag 3 over de grootste bedreiging van het menselijke ras. Over de literatuur die verschijnt na de bom zegt Daniela Tan in Literature and The Trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: “Atomic bomb literature understands the existence of nuclear weapons as a central problem of society and human civilization.” Ze zegt over de literaire werken dat het veelal ooggetuigenverslagen zijn met een ik-perspectief. “In sum, writing about the unspeakable means to speak out and by doing so to fall short – a paradox that authors of atomic bomb literature confront. Memory is not linear. Occasionally, the separation into the I-who-tells and the I-who-experiences, both aspects of the same self but located at different points along the spatiotemporal continuum, disturbs the orientation.”

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